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Knight & Wolf Project

Knight and Wolf is a music publishing and entertainment media. Here you can find modern classics and soundtrack music, film and game reviews and other products related to medieval and fantasy aesthetics.

Parental Guidance Suggested

About project

The project was established in 2017 by two composers: Ilya Denisov and Alexey Tsarkov and an artist Alexander Denisov. The same name music album created in 2018 became the foundation of this project.

Starting from 2019 the project aims to create music for films, TV series, art projects and computer games. Check out the Knight & Wolf project video to learn more about the music and an inspiring story of the project creation.

Project's Music Pieces

Music is the central part of the project and its main purpose is to preserve a melody as the basis of each music piece. The project's music collection will include both independent albums and music for films, games and series.

Project's Video

This project includes several videos like interviews with the project's authors, music videos, art work reviews related to medieval and fantasy aesthetics.

Knight & Night

« Like faith carelessly leaves us at desperate times,
Like evil dream drives the mind into the death's vice »


« A Magical Mystical Adventure »

Exhibition Highlights «Journey to a Dream»

Making Of Knight & Wolf — Part 1


The project's music is accompanied by art pieces and illustrations. We make art photoshoots and publish backstage pictures from all the creative events of the project.
Our illustrations and paintings will touch anyone who loves symbolic art.
Art photo shoots serve as the additional material to the music videos and albums.
Some fun and unusual shots taken during the making of the project's essential parts.

Project team

Knight & Wolf project brought together artists, musicians, designers, writers and interpreters. The project does not have a prominent team although anyone who became part of it once, leaves their own unique mark.
Ilya Denisov
Idea of the project, music, video scenario, design
Alexey Tsarkov
Musical arrangement, video director, video editing
Alexander Denisov
illustrations, design, libretto, props
Anastasia Tuzova
Head of the chamber orchestra Immersive, preparing the music pieces for the orchestra performance
All our life we drink from the cupful of envy but dreams that don't belong to us won't replace happiness and sorrow that made us who we are at the beginning of our path. We get exhausted and come to realize that there is no bottom of the cup.

At that moment we may either resign ourselves and meet the fate of our predecessors, making the sorrow even bigger or find our true self and accept life the way it is.
— Ilya Denisov, project founder
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